CVET managment team members standing in front of vehicle


To request CVET assistance during disasters:

Call 1-844-UCD-CVET (823-2838)

As a state resource, CVET must only be requested when the local veterinary capacity has been exhausted or overwhelmed, and state assistance is needed. The animal response personnel needing veterinary support must work with their local Office/Department of Emergency Management to submit a formal state resource request for CVET/veterinary care. CVET cannot deploy directly to a county without state request and approval.

Non-disaster CVET assistance:

For assistance with planning, training, exercises, or other animal and/or veterinary preparedness efforts outside of times of disaster, please contact us for more information.

Media Inquiries

General Media

Amy Quinton, UC Davis Strategic Communications
(530) 601-8077

Eunah ("oo-nuh") Preston, One Health Institute
(530) 304-6796

Planning/General Media Inquiries

William Burke
(770) 807-9507


(530) 752-4167
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